Adledating rus

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You will not have to buy a video chat separately which is about 0 a month.

Moreover, you will not have to buy Flash Server hosting, which is about 0-0 a month.

You will use only licensed, not nulled version of Able Dating with lifetime upgrades!

Video Chat, Vo IP Phone, Flash Chat, Flash Games, 3D Chat, Greeting Recording, Hot-or-Not, Forum, Blogs, Gallery, Video Gallery, Friends, and 100s of other superb features!

According to our researches we see gets visitors from search engines with these words : bdsm guide, sub dom, sub and dom, sissygerry, dom and sub.

All the positive reviews you read about these guys are fictional and fabricated by their employees or ABK-soft affiliates.

Once you start reading the information provided here on the site you will discover how they hide in plain sight to steal your money.

Well seems that aka is up to there old tricks again they place a guarantee on there front page 30-money back and don't live up to there end of the deal.

I requested a refund within the 30 days of purchased an they said license agreement doesnt hold us to giving a 30-money back guarantee I would suggest not buying this script or any software from abledating and I hope that this information keeps others from being scammed by these THIEVES!

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