Brandy dating basketball player who is reed timmer dating

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The two, who spent some time apart after going through therapy last season, are back in Los Angeles and while they may have a good laugh here and there, Brandi sets the record straight that she is not here for his games in a bonus clip of the hit series.

Since…The internet forums have suggested this, and it’s now confirmed by some snooping on his social media: Dion Waiters’ girlfriend Brandy is the mother of his child and his lady.

Brandi reminds Jason that she gave him a “timeframe” to get it together.

But he didn’t want to tell Brandi what he had been up to in order to fix their marriage.

She had played professionally for Fenerbahҫe in Istanbul since 2011.

But according to, the team “released” Mc Coughtry on Feb. On her Instagram account, Mc Coughtry posted that she left the team due to contractual agreements:“Sports International Group announced today that Olympic Gold Medalist and WNBA All-Star Angel Mc Coughtry has terminated her contract with Fenerbache Spor Kulubu Women’s Basketball Club.

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