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If not what would happen to a long running job if I did stop/start the Quartz service?You cannot update the job dll without restarting the service. To achieve something like dynamic reloading you would need to use programmatically created app domains etc.This rings a bell and I remember now that when I tried it I gave up due to similar issues and instead went for creating a very simple wrapper executable that would load up the DLL and my original executable communicated with the DLL via a COM interface.Then I just closed down the wrapper executable whenever I needed to load the new version of the DLL and so I didn't need to worry about App Domains.It's the Shutdown method in IScheduler: will block until jobs finish and you are safe to terminate process.

Since way back I have been working with a batch file (which calls a script for COM shutdown) called from a post build event in Visual Studio to deploy to my development environment (note this only really works if run on the server itself - but I typically develop event system code on the server, in order to debug it).

The scripting APIs to hook into these artifacts changed [for the better]. Cobalt Strike 3.x is not compatible with Cobalt Strike 2.x.

Stand up new infrastructure and migrate accesses to it.

is dynamically loaded at Runtime, using reflection, and not referenced in the application.

After processing is finished, the DLL needs to be recompiled on server and loaded back again later.

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